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Reliable IT Support

will make you relax and get more done.


Get more contacts, leads and convertions


We can keep  your computers and servers running smoothly at all times to reduce down time and increase your productivity.

IT Support

 We provide timely and knowledgeable technical support for your staff and office network environment.


We offer cost effective network designs that enhance your business productivity throughout your organization.

What are IT Care and Why Is It Important?

IT Care allows us implement our three services in one; maintenance, support and networking, to maintain your server and workstations running smooth, every business day of the year. It also allows us to proactively track and manage business critical elements of your server and workstations even if you are working at that time and need a help.

IT Care provides visibility into your network allowing us to more quickly determine and address the root cause of many servers and workstations issues, and reduce the task of issue diagnosis. This results in cost savings and reduction of downtime.


  • 24/7/365 Monitoring
  • Complete Protection – Weekly maintenance tasks, advanced virus scan tools & regular company data backups.
  • Better Productivity – Get more job done in less time. Your employees will have more time to focus on your business.
  • Priority Service Response – Your business will receive emergency assistance quickly when an unexpected problem arise.
  • Customer Orientation – IT Care is a customer oriented service, it is focus on helping you to meet your long-term needs and wants.
  • Increases Profitability – You will get the most out of your computer. More productivity and less downtime means more profits.
  • IT on Budget – Unlimited IT support and unlimited IT service are covered under a cheap monthly fee.

How Much Does It Cost?

IT Care is flexible depending on your support needs. That why we collect plan because you don’t have to deal with which plan is for me or which can fit budget. We create a service that cover all the essential is a Worry-free solution to keep your office running smooth and dramatically reduce outages. It is best way to have your computers and servers running faster than ever, keep your business data safe and receive unlimited support for a flat monthly fee. Ac7ive Solutions has the right support plan for you.

Now it’s ok to forget, With IT Care you have a Business Continuity Plan

Even when you step away, Ac7ive backup is busy at work protecting all your important files. Music, photos and documents are all automatically, continuously protected, so you can get back to whatever life throws your way.

 How to Create an Effective Business Continuity Plan

Backing up your digital storage is like insurance is to driving; you need it even though you hope you’ll never have to use it. Unfortunately, backing up is not required by law, and I’ve seen a lot of accidents where business loses their precious data. You can buy a new car but you can’t buy back lost data, no matter how much money you have.

For critical data, businesses should make two full copies, maintained on separate physical devices. In addition, a third copy should be kept offline, preferably stashed at another location. Having two complete copies offers some measure of business continuity; allowing organizations to continue with their business as usual even with the complete loss of one set of data.

Every business is vulnerable to experiencing a serious incident, preventing it from continuing normal business operations at any time. Beyond terrorist threats, less catastrophic events such as a lost or stolen laptop, wrong right click and numerous presently unexpected possibilities can cause substantial business interruptions. Anticipating disaster and preparing seems both prudent and advisable, as does regular testing of IT services and back-ups.

Ac7ive Solutions can provide a well-structured and coherent disaster recovery plan will enable companies to recover quickly and effectively from an unforeseen disaster or emergency, thus avoiding significant business interruption and loss.

Backup is like insurance, tips for disaster Recovery.

Always:                                                                                                                                                                    IT Care is the Insurance for Your Business.

  • Implement a thorough off-site backup
  • Keep copy updated of clients phone numbers stored in cell phones.
  • Determine which employees are responsible for making critical phone calls during a disaster.
  • Determine where a temporary office location would be for business continuity.
  • Configure Email at employee’s homes so that it is functional (or at least able to view old messages) if the network is down.
  • Setup a home computer with the company accounting software / vertical software (if possible).
  • Thoroughly document all network settings, and keep up-to-date and off-site.
  • If the web site or other web application is hosted locally, determine where it can be temporarily hosted elsewhere.
  • Quarterly, update a USB Flash drive for each department head to keep off-site, which contains the following:
  • An updated contact list (home phone number, cell phone number, and family contact) for all employees and management.
  • Updated contact list of vendors.


  • Take an inventory of hardware that might need replacing in a disaster.
  • Updated contact list of customers.

IT Care vs Traditional IT

»   Response TimeSLOWFASTFAST
»   Preventative MaintenanceNOYESNO
»   Local Files BackupYESYESYES
»   Remote Files Backup(I)NOYESNO
»   Disaster RecoverySLOWFASTSLOW
»   Natural & Accidental Disaster Protection(II)NOYESNO
»   Customer Orientation(III)NOYESNO
»   Hardware Repair LaborPAIDINCLUDEDPAID
»   System Health MonitoringNOYESYES
»   Resells IT Services(IV)NONOYES

(I)  Off-premises Backup Copies of critical information.
(II) Quick Recovery Plan for natural and accidental disaster, thief, human errors, etc. 
(III) Custom solutions to fill specific customer needs.
(IV) Most IT services providers sell services from 3rd party companies like web hosting, email and cloud services. This makes you pay more than its original price.




We work with our clients to fully understand their business needs. Using the outcomes from our professional analysis, we put together a plan for the most effective solution to get the best results for their business.

How It Works


    The first step is to have your computers and/or servers ready. We install the required software to perform remote connections, health and security checks and backups.


    We execute weekly maintenance and monitoring tasks after your business hours. We want you to be productive instead of busy so we do most of our work when you are at home.


    Enjoy having your computer network running better than ever and have unlimited user support if an unexpected problem arise.

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Committed to Your Satisfaction

As small business owners working from our office and home and leveraging the Internet, PC performance is of the utmost in criticality! Having Active Solution team available for maintenance services at a very competitive price, and sometimes the option for on-site service, makes it highly desirable to do business with them!
Quick turn-around time and personalized service keep us loyal to their business. Thanks!!!”

Ana Legra
Legra Insurance Agency, Inc.

We have nothing but great things to say about our experience working with Ac7ive Solutions. They are attentive to my needs and wishes, but above all, they go beyond the requirements to help our company grow. Two years ago we had “Government Mandatory Changes” HIPAA we turned to Ac7ive Solutions and they got us through. And when we have a problem or question, even challenging ones, they are always available.
I encourage every company to approach Ac7ive Solutions if looking for IT Support or Web Design partner.

Barbara Mishaan
Office Manager
Cesar A. Conde Cardiology Associates at Mount Sinai

Excellent customer support, quick and easy solutions to daily problems. When I need any form or program to be more efficient in the daily operations they know how to make it happen!
I honestly wouldn’t be able to do what I do as fast as I do without them, I feel privileged to have them as a part of my team.

Michelle Garcia, C.E.O.
All Smooth
Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping