Windows XP end support
Windows XP end of support

Windows XP Security Updates are no longer available.

Since April 8, 2014, Microsoft technical support for Windows XP is no longer available, including automatic updates that help protect your PC. In addition, Microsoft Security Essentials is not available for download on Windows XP anymore. If you continue to use Windows XP, your computer will become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses. Also, you can expect to encounter some new applications and devices won’t work with Windows XP.

Which version of Windows am I running?

This PC is running:

How to stay protected?

To stay protected after support ends for Windows XP, you have three options:

Upgrade Windows XP to a higher version if your PC is able. Microsoft recommends upgrading to Windows 8.1 if it’s possible, but we completely disagree with them. Windows 8 is not a good option for business because it was not properly designed to make your life easier at work. Learn more on Windows 8 is not ready for business. We recommend you to upgrade to Windows 7, which is a clean and stable version designed to accommodate the small business user or large corporate offices.


If your computer can not be upgraded, buy a new PC. It will be capable to run newer versions of windows. The only downside is that new computers come with Windows 8. Big computer manufactures like HP are considering shipping new PCs with windows 7 again due to “popular demand” though.  We can also downgrade it to Windows 7 so you can have  more productivity and better user experience with your new computer.


If you must keep your current operating system because your business relies on an application that only runs over Windows XP, don’t be disappointed, we’ve always got you covered. You can request our PRO computer maintenance services to keep your computer running smooth and free of worries. Learn more on computer maintenance plans.

Which solution will be better for my business?

We are computer experts serving you, give us a call and we will help you to decide which solution is better for you. Remember, Ac7ive valuable customers always enjoy free consultation and advice.


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